Player Registration

Click on "Player Registration" on top right of page

Instructions below are repeated at the linked page

  • ALL players will be paying twice - once to MDCVSA, and then once to NVASA:

    • Step 1: You MUST register for MDCVSA 2014-2015 Membership Program

    • Step 2: Register for NVASA

  • If you played any season in NVASA since Fall 2010, you are a returning player.

    • If you have forgotten your password, you can use the retrieve password function on the next screen.  If you still have difficulty registering, please contact the Registrar to avoid duplicate entries in our database.

  • New players MUST upload a photo onto the MDCVSA portion in order to get your player pass (and returning players with no photo on file).  The specifications are as follows:

    • .jpg format only,

    • color head shot (yearbook style photo),

    • ensure entire head is captured (photo is unusable if any portion of head is cut-off),

    • picture must be large enough/sufficiently high res in case it needs cropping,

    • must be clear resolution - not blurry, no red-eye, no harsh lighting in the background, etc.,

    • "scenic" shots are unuasable,

    • no groups, hats, headbands, or headwear,

    • no prescription/sun glasses or anything obstructing face (hand/hair);

    • if using a phone camera, hold the phone level to your head (no "upward" or "downward" shots).

  • For new players, your browser MUST allow pop-ups in order to register properly.

    • Do not forget to print out the waiver at the end of the process! It needs to be mailed to the address on the form along with a copy of a signed photo ID!

You will be approved to play once both forms are received/processed by the league Registrar, Lauren Connell. (Please remember that these are volunteer positions and our officers cannot guarantee same-day approvals).



Player Registration
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